Sensitive of the Changes of Children’s Needs… Thank You Bram

October 25, 2009

Village Pamalayan’s tasyakuran and saresehan activities became even brighter with fantastic Bram, a musician from Tegal who came with motorcycle along with Oka from Kalyanamandira.

At first, Bram was going to cheer up the children and spectators with their favorite songs, while playing guitar. The melodies of classic guitar and oldies songs were played the night before when I and Rumah KerliP’s volunteers saw the traditional boat on Santolo beach.

Children were taking turns to go to stage and sing songs from Wali, ST 12, etc. It was so amazing to watch these children who had gone through earthquake went to stage bravely and confidently. There were children who sang solo, duet, or together with friends. Their parents proudly pointed at these children. Room for expression had been opened since the beginning, also when Andi Yudha did storytelling, strengthened by Bram’s sensitivity to the needs of these children. Tasyakuran and saresehan shows felt so alive since the beginning until the end. If it weren’t stopped, perhaps the children and audience would still enthusiastically follow these activities until the second night.

Mr. Endang and other MDA Al Falah committee members agreed to give such a free room for expression for children. The opening of public library and early child education (PAUD) were only marked with the keeping and placing the books given by Mizan, computer and printer from Perkumpulan KerLiP, toys and creativity stuffs given, also the budget for building the specific room for public library and PAUD also the activity’s foods.

Thank you for Bram, Andi Yudha, Picupacu, Yayasan Ibu, Astrid with her guitar, Mr. Istanto and Gapenri, Mrs. Anky, Mr. Awaludin, Mrs. Arlyta, Mrs. Evi, Mrs. Uci, Mr. satria Dharma, Mr. Adi, PT. TMI, Mrs. Ratna, Mrs. Feni, Rumah KerLiP’s volunteers, Pamengpeuk volunteers, alm. Mrs. Titi, Satlak Garut, Satlak Cikelet, the village’s authorities and DKM in Pangawaren, Mr. Lukmantyas and colleagues, Ms. Tutu with Mizan, Mr. Haidar, Ratna, and all Rumah KerLip’s colleagues especially those who had entrusted us with your helps for Garut and West Sumatra. Insya Allah  this Program Pendampingan Penanganan Psikososial in Kabupaten Garut ini will be continued in form of Penguatan Kapasitas Lokal in mendorong pemenuhan hak atas hidup yang bermartabat pasca gempa.

Ova and other Rumah KerLiP’s colleagues are ready to bring the dreams of  earthquake victims in West Java especially to fulfil their rights to live independently.

Saturday, October 17th 2009


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October 25, 2009

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